Fourth graders and glasses
This is my place for being inadequate about people...youtubers...some of them. Yeah.

heey, don’t be sad.

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Step 1: I got desparate and thought I will write some cute Grhink drabbles.

Step 2: I remembered that I suck at writing.

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Anonymous asked: I feel pretty stupid asking, but do you know where that last gif set you reblogged is from? I bet it's really obvious, but I don't know :/

It’s from Grace Helbig’s last Fridiary :3

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Btw, Rhett and Link were also there, when Grace was filming her podcast with Mitchell Davis…*whipsering* grhink is real~

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Seeing three of them in the same picture makes me so happy, you don’t even freaking know. I don’t know why, but it makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. Such friends. Much cute.

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kiwix606 asked: What mods do you have for sims 3? Because NEED!!!

I have fuckton of them, really. A lot of them can be found here

I used those skintones from R&L

I use those eyebags

For Link I used this sweater from Rusty

I don’t really remember hwere I’ve found a shirt for Rhett, but I also use this one for him oftenly

(I use pants/jeans from this blog all the time)

I use brows from here for Rhett

Hairstyles are default. I don’t remember which I eyes I used, but it’s not really crucial, you can find all kinds of pretty eyes if you go on tumblr I gave you the link for at the beginning.

that’s kind of it I guess?

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Now it’s time to make a new simGrace and do stuff with Grhink…because you know…I can.

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