Fourth graders and glasses
This is my place for being inadequate about people...youtubers...some of them. Yeah.

-W-what are you doing?!

-You’ll see

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Ah yes, special delivery for mythical-rhink

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I’ve been willing to make more sims, but for some reason my Sims game became unplayable. It just freezes and lags so much it’s unbearable. I’ve done everything I could: I deleted the gigabytes of custom content - nothing, I defragmentated the hard drive - nothing, I reinstalled the game - nothing.

I’ll try to reinstall it again and only install the original game and maybe the Isla Paradiso expansion, but I don’t believe in my computer anymore, I don’t know what happened. 

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Link being a total cutie-patootie in an old Taryn Southern vlog.

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A gif from a video that is just oldoldold and I don’t know why it’s on my computer.

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simRhett is being pretty darn awesome, why not post it?

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Boy, do I enjoy seeing people like and reblog stuff I posted a long time ago >D

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rhinkster сделал(а) реблог вашего фото “Come with me, little Link…We’ll make more of you.”

# i don’t think link likes the idea

He is surprised >DDD

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